Superior stucco services for residential properties in Calgary, Alberta. Experience exceptional craftsmanship with Amiri Homes. Transform your home today!
Stucco Siding
Enhance your exterior with durable and stylish stucco siding options.
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Stucco Repair Services
Restore the beauty of your stucco with our professional repair services.
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Stucco Installation Process
Trust our expert team for a flawless stucco installation with stunning outcomes.
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Why Choose Amiri?
Make the smart choice by choosing Amiri for your stucco needs.
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Amiri Homes: Superior Stucco Services in Calgary, Alberta

When it comes to stucco services, quality is of the essence. Whether it's traditional stucco or vinyl siding for your house, a professional touch can dramatically increase its curb appeal. At Amiri Homes, we specialize in both stucco installation and stucco repair, providing the highest quality services for your exterior walls.

Stucco Siding: A Stylish and Durable Choice for Your House Exterior

Stucco siding is an attractive cladding material that adds texture and charm to any house. Its fire resistance and durability make stucco a popular choice among Calgary homeowners. Apart from painting your house, applying stucco can bring about a refreshing transformation. Our stucco contractors are skilled in both traditional stucco, made with sand, Portland cement, and lime, and acrylic-based stucco.

Professional Stucco Repair Services in Calgary

Despite stucco being a durable material, it can sometimes develop hairline cracks or other minor issues due to exposure to extreme weather conditions over time. Timely stucco repair is crucial to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your house and prevent minor issues from escalating. At Amiri Homes, we offer comprehensive stucco repair services that encompass minor touch-ups to extensive repair and restoration work. Our highly skilled stucco contractors use the best in class materials and follow proven repair methodologies to ensure the durability and longevity of your stucco exterior.

The Stucco Installation Process at Amiri Homes

Stucco installation is an art that demands skill and precision. Before we start your stucco project, we begin with surface preparation, which includes cleaning the wall and removing any existing paint or mold. After preparing the surface, we install a layer of moisture-resistant building paper followed by a wire mesh, providing a robust framework for the stucco.

Next comes the application of the scratch coat, a mix of sand, cement, and lime. This layer creates a strong base for the next one - the brown coat. This second layer contributes to the overall durability and impact resistance of the stucco exterior. stucco project.

The final stage is the finish coat. This is where we add texture and colour, tailoring the finish to your aesthetic preferences. Our stucco contractors ensure a high-quality finish that enhances the curb appeal of your home while providing lasting durability.

Why Choose Amiri Homes for Stucco Services?

At Amiri Homes, our expertise extends far beyond basic stucco work. We take pride in delivering high-quality stucco services, be it for new installations or stucco repairs. Our commitment to excellence and superior customer service has made us a preferred choice for homeowners in Calgary. We believe in doing the job right the first time, ensuring that our customers' investment in our services yields a satisfying return.

Contact us today for a wide range of professional stucco services. Whether you need a new stucco exterior or require professional stucco repair services in Calgary, we are here to serve you. With Amiri Homes, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and enjoy top-notch service quality that is second to none.
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